Home is the starting point of love, hope, and dreams.

It is a storehouse of our most precious memories and a sanctuary where we can be our most authentic selves. At Allegro Mahabaleshwara Ventures, our sole mission is to enhance this profoundly personal experience of home. We create living spaces conducive to a holistic lifestyle, where you can thrive and grow. The environments we design are customized to match your specific needs and desires.

Ongoing Project

Property Name:
Classique Woodsville
Under Construction
3 BHK, 2 BHK

Prime Locations

We help you experience the best that the city has to offer. Our properties are set in prime locations and in close proximity to the airport, commercial hubs, schools, hospitals, and sundry aspects of modern-day living. While being in the vicinity of the city’s most happening areas, our homes are secluded from the noise and daily grind of urban living, so you can enjoy a quiet, peaceful life.

World-class aesthetics

Styling and looks are important to us. Every detail big or small, is scanned with an artist’s eye and executed to perfection. We are not afraid to experiment with colors, patterns, textures, and moods, and we love to incorporate diverse architectural styles. The result? A piece of artistic and engineering excellence that you call your home.

Smart planning and design

Our apartments are designed to ensure an abundance of natural light and ventilation. The strategic placement of windows and balconies are designed to afford a great view of the natural beauty that abounds in the layout.. Designated common areas help experience the joys of community living, while minimum common walls provide much-needed privacy. Apartments are equipped with smart storage options to facilitate optimal utilization and management of the available space. Meticulous planning of each residential unit ensures a life of ease, comfort, and security for all.


We keep abreast of the changing times and employ the newest technologies in constructing our projects. Our dedicated team of engineers employs various tools and methods to equip our homes for modern day living.

Sustainable, eco-friendly living

A life in harmony with nature is what we believe in. Our commitment to environment-friendly living is evident in our projects. Green spaces surround our residential complexes, and superior water management systems with rainwater harvesting facilitate waste recovery to provide much needed buffer at times.Segregated waste management mechanisms are in place, and recycling is a priority. We are also exploring alternative energy sources in an effort to save electricity and reduce carbon footprint. Finally, even our building materials are sourced sustainably, causing minimal damage to the environment.

At Allegro, we blend world-class aesthetic with technical finesse to create exceptional living spaces.

Allegro Mahabaleshwara Ventures is a limited liability partnership by and between two individuals of high repute in the real estate space of Mangalore, each of them bringing to the table a set of core competencies which complement each other. While we develop and sell residential and commercial properties, the current focus is on boutique apartment projects.

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