9000 SFT
15 Exclusive Homes
Gated Community
G + 3 Floors
4 Homes Per Floor
RERA Registration: PRM/KA/RERA/1251/472/PR/210319/004040

Our newest project, Classique Woodsville, is located in Yelahanka, North Bengaluru. A prime location, Yelahanka has emerged as a key real estate destination over the years. Close to the airport and connected by a national highway, it is an easily accessible part of town. Housed in Ramanashree California Gardens, a close-knit gated community in Yelahanka. The community is in a prime location, with Bengaluru International Airport and M.G. Road in close proximity. With 24×7 security at the main gate and advanced surveillance systems in place, residents are assured complete safety round-the-clock. Designed to facilitate social engagement and community living, this gated community is perfect for those who seek a warm and vibrant life with neighbors.

Classique Woodsville is close to Puttenahalli Lake and surrounded by the abundant green forest. It is the perfect home for those who wish to live in harmony with nature, far away from the noise and grind of the city. Enjoy a quiet, meditative, ‘eco-friendly’ living experience in the wilderness by the lakeside, while availing all the comforts of modern metropolitan life.

Common Floor Plan

Basement Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Typical Floor Plan

Individual Apartment Floor Plan

Classique Woodsville Apartment 01 - Ground Floor

Classique Woodsville Apartment 01 - Typical Floor

Classique Woodsville Apartment 02 - Typical Floor

Classique Woodsville Apartment 03 - Ground Floor

Classique Woodsville Apartment 03 - Typical Floor

Classique Woodsville Apartment 04 - Ground Floor

Classique Woodsville Apartment 04 - Typical Floor



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     AS ON FEBRUARY 2022


    Why Classique Woodsville

    The Location

    Classique Woodsville is located within Ramanashree California Gardens, a well-known gated community in Yelahanka. The community is 15 km away from Bengaluru International Airport and 20 km away from M.G. Road, the central business district. The location ensures easy access to renowned schools, hospitals, shopping districts, nightlife options, and commercial hubs in the area. The community is located on the outskirts of the city, in the midst of a verdant green forested area by the lakeside. With its strategic location, Classique Woodsville offers you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy a quiet, secluded life away from the urban crowds while simultaneously experiencing the best that the city has to offer.

    Gated Community

    In an increasingly atomising world, human lives are becoming more and more disconnected and lonely. This is why our focus is on community living. Classique Woodsville is located in a close-knit gated community designed to facilitate social engagement. The community has designated common spaces for regular socialising, play areas for children, and an optimal proximity between residential units. Residents of this gated community enjoy a dynamic community living experience here. Your safety is our top priority, and living in a gated community means added security. The main entry points are equipped with tight security measures that keep you and your loved ones safe round-the-clock. Sophisticated surveillance technology throughout the neighborhood ensures that you are safe and protected from any potential threats.

    Minimum common walls, Maximum privacy

    We aim to provide a close-knit community life without excessive clustering or intrusion into personal space. Your privacy is an important concern, and our smart design plan ensures minimal disturbance and uninterrupted privacy. Each apartment is an independent unit without shared walls, thus preventing noise from surrounding apartments from traveling to your home providing a distraction-free environment.

    World-class civic amenities

    To ensure a seamless and comfortable life for you and your family, the community is equipped with the very best civic facilities. A good drainage network keeps the surroundings hygienic and prevents health hazards. A segregated waste management system regulates waste disposal in an eco-friendly manner. And our advanced rainwater harvesting system ensures an abundant water supply with zero wastage. Electrification of all the streets and tight security at the main gates allow you to safely move around the neighborhood even after dark. Wide, paved boulevard streets facilitate smooth movement of vehicles.

    Natural light and ventilation

    With open entry points and no external obstruction, your home receives ample natural light and air circulation. During the day, there is abundant sunlight, leading to minimal usage of electrical light sources. The circulation of fresh, natural air reduces the use of air conditioners. This eco-friendly way of living works wonders for your health and well-being too.

    Living as one with nature

    Classique Woodsville invites you to enjoy a peaceful life in close contact with nature in the heart of the forest. Wake up every morning with birdsong ringing in your ears. Watch the sun rays filter through the leaves and illuminate your kitchen while you make coffee. Breathe in the fresh, clean air of the forest and admire its fascinating biodiversity. Watch the evening sun sink into the lake. Fall in love with nature as you experience a new, invigorating way of life that does wonders for your physical and mental health.

    Puttenahalli Lake

    Classique Woodsville is located close to Puttenahalli Lake, a prominent ecological zone in Yelahanka. A natural bird sanctuary, this area is a bird-watcher’s paradise with 49 recorded species of exotic birds calling it home, including painted stork, spot-billed pelican, black-crowned night heron, purple moorhen, and common sandpiper. The cool breeze and picturesque scenic view make this an ideal spot for picnics, walks, nature photography, meditation, or just some time alone with oneself.

    Happiness for the entire family

    Classique Woodsville is an ideal home suited to cater to the needs of all age groups. Vast green areas provide ample space for children and pets to play and run around. For senior citizens, this is a perfect environment for relaxation, prayer, and self-reflection. Young couples can enjoy their romantic walks in the wooded surroundings. A dream abode in Classique Woodsville is the best gift your family could receive.